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My name is Karsten “Raul Falco” Wagner if you want to know more about me and my career, you can do it here).

The question “What element am I?” I get asked more often since I dealt with shamanism, and also tell people about it.

The method of my Shamanic element test comes from Africa. It is also called “Papa Elie” by the shaman Elie Hien.

He is a shaman of the tribe of the Dagara, and I was allowed to study with one of his students “Guido Heredia Sandoval”.


The Shamanic Elementalad of the Dagara is the basis for the element test. This Elementalad contains all 6 basic elements of the spiritual doctrine of Dagara.

These are the element water, element air, element earth, element fire, element nature and element metal.

Each element corresponds to a specific color, number, letter, and property.

The properties of the elements

Let’s start with the element metal, this element contains all the other elements, since it came to the conclusion in the formation process of the earth. This element stands for the material in life, for without the material we have nothing. It also stands for enforcement and the implementation, so come into action.

The element nature stands for love and harmony. It should help you to listen more to your heart.

The element earth stands for family and stability. It is designed to help you stay on the ground, and to learn to give.

The element air, stands for spirituality, and the contact to your ancestors.

Let us come to water, which is the origin of all life. The element of water always paves its way, and stands for the mind, the intellect. Here again comes a counterpart to the feeling, or the heart. One can not only decide certain themes with the heart, the mind should also always play a role. Otherwise we would only consist of heart ;-). I hope you can follow me.

The element fire, gives you energy and strength. The element of fire is the same for change and change.

This is only a small excerpt from the properties, there is much more. If you want to learn more about the elements, I have more information about the elements for you on my website.

Letters and Numbers

Also, each letter and number is assigned to an element. You can, for example, know what your phone number means, or what the number plate of your car says about your driving style. The letters and numbers affect us in a way you may not even have thought.

For example, the A in the German alphabet stands for the mother’s cry for the mother, a new beginning, start or even in the negative sense, all beginning is difficult (birth pain).

What can you achieve by means of shamanism?

You can experience so many great things about yourself and, with the help of this Shamanic teaching, give your life a new direction and a new impulse. So everyone has the chance to change their lives by means of the elements in a positive direction.

For example, if you lack the money, or the success in your life, or you want to listen more to your heart, or your intuition. For all this there are great tools to make a positive change happen.

If you want to make a Shamanic element test, please fill in your data below. After that, you will be sent by me your element test.

This is what my teacher Guido Rafael Heredia Sandoval says about working with the Shamanic doctrine:

“Each human being has certain combinations and qualities associated with it. This interpretation opens up a path that shows us our strengths and weaknesses. This type of shamanism includes all aspects of life, such as: work, bullying, family, partnership, health, judicial affairs, animals, etc. Even in school, stress-related and psychological problems – children and adults now have amazing experience reports . “

Here you can make the element test

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Karsten “Raul Falco” Wagner

Karsten Raul Falco Wagner