Your spiritual date of birth

The spiritual date of birth is a shamanic tool to supplement the missing elements of your personal elemental wheel.

But let me briefly answer the most important questions:

Where does the power of the spiritual date of birth come from and how do you have to use it?

  • It is very mystical and theoretically impossible to explain, but the dagara say it is the numbers that have a certain force.
  • You just have to memorize the spiritual date of birth.
  • Look at your spiritual date of birth as your “correct” date of birth and internalize it.
  • The spiritual date of birth contains all missing elements, plus the shamanic elements which were not present!


How did the spiritual date of birth help me in my further development?

  • I myself could feel a change and give my life a new direction.
  • For example, I was missing the element metal, and I felt that after a while I got more assertiveness.
  • I have learned to listen more to my heart and to follow my calling.


What do people say to whom I have determined the spiritual date of birth about their experiences?

  • “lately (especially in May) I have felt that my life was changing for the better”
  • “to be completely honest, my life has totally turned upside down. Things I’ve been afraid to do for so long, I’m doing.”
  • “I felt something liberating. Right at the beginning. It also feels rounder, more complete, more fullness is in me”.

Here are some emails with experiences of people who got the spiritual date of birth from me.

Email from Isabella

Excerpt from Isabella’s e-mail:


Thanks for asking! I have the date of birth immediately internalized and let also again and again the numbers affect me. Was very unstable, or could not stay in my midst for long, let me out quickly, and accordingly I felt the energy and pain of the others.

All this is better!!!!


E-mail from Sarah

Excerpt from Sarah’s e-mail:

Hello, Karsten,

lately (especially May) I feel that my life is changing for the better. More active, new lively clothing style, buying new bikes, almost often cycling and driving around the city and learning a lot through surroundings. Less social phobia, more openness to people, today Japanese martial arts as trial training to take part courage, organize several appointments (doctors, authorities, etc.) as well as hold, housing and work motivated search, I am still very curious about new things. …


Email from Astrid

Excerpt from Astrid’s e-mail:

Hello dear Karsten Raul Falco,

to be completely honest, my life has totally turned upside down. Things I have been afraid of for so long, I put into practice. My true being knocks so loudly at the door that I can hardly overhear it. …


Email from Melanie

Excerpt from Melanie’s e-mail:

Dear Raúl Falco

I would be happy to give you feedback on the Spiritual Birth Date you received. I have internalized it and worked with it in a ritual, the first days I was very distracted inside and I am still dizzy when I think about the date, but it gets better, my friends and acquaintances notice a stable change in me (I myself not so clearly) they say that I would appear more self-confident…


E-Mail from Sven

Extract from the e-mail from Sven:

Hello Karsten

You wanted an answer by the date you calculated for me.

Yeah, I work with it. Integrate it deeper into my consciousness every day. The second day after I got it, I memorized it. Looking forward to my spiritual birthday. I felt something liberating. Right at the beginning. It also feels rounder, completed, more fullness is in me. Describe it best so…


E-Mail from Karin

Extract from Karin’s e-mail:

Dear Karsten

thank you very much for your quick reply.

The last days are very exciting and eventful. I can express myself better…



I’d be happy to give you your spiritual birth date, too.

So if you want to know your spiritual date of birth now, please click on the blue button here:




Best regards

Karsten “Raul Falco” Wagner

Karsten Raul Falco Wagner