about me

Hello my name is Karsten “Raul Falco”,Karsten Raul Falco Wagner

and i was born in1977 in the city of Jena in East Germany. 

Founded since 2012, I have been working intensively on shamanism.

It has always been my deepest desire to learn more about shamans and their work, and this year I have made it come true.

On the spiritual path I am since 2006, and have made several prana formations, as well as dealt much with the sacred geometry.

These topics have accompanied me since my 28th birthday. I was most impressed by working with sacred geometry, as it gave me a completely new understanding of life.

If you are interested in this topic, check out http://blumedeslebensbedeutung.com to find out more about this topic ;-).

But let’s get back to shamanism. Let me explain to you exactly how I got there, which is a really interesting story, and I am always amazed by what life holds for me when I tell you.

I think It was in early January 2012. I was just at a spiritual fair in Chemnitz with my partner Jeannette with our energy display stand. I was searching at that time (maybe you know that too :-)).

In any case, I had long since wanted to learn more about shamanic work. It fascinated me just like that

Shamans worked with the elements. I wanted to be happy.

There was not much going on on the plate, so I had time to attend several lectures. So I decided to go to a lecture about pyramids (exciting topic in the rest :-)).

So I sat down in the lecture room and waited for the speaker. When he came, we were three (with him).

He first talked about himself and how he came to these pyramids. According to his statement, an angel, or being, appeared to him, revealing to him the knowledge about the pyramids. In such expressions, I will first of all hear, since I never dare such things completely over the way. Have already experienced the craziest things.

When he said so, his eyes so swung to me and suddenly he looked at me and says, “You can do that too”. I was first totally perplexed and asked “what?”.

He said, “You can also communicate to other beings, and things

Perceive, you only have to trust and accept that. “

There, cold ran down my spine. I mean, I already have some meditations behind me, I have practiced the Merkabamediation of Drunvalo Melchizedek for a long time myself, worked with the inner child, etc. But that someone tells me in the face and with such an intensity, brrrrrrrr …. That was already crass.

He then talked a little further about his pyramids. But for me the topic was done, I was somewhere else with my thoughts. When he finished, I went back to him again and I asked specifically what he meant and what I could do.

He gave me the plain hint of my gut feeling and my heart

Listen. OK these are all things I’ve heard a thousand times, I thought.

So I am with this feeling, away from him but more to listen to my heart and my belly.

I still had some time and went back and forth in the exhibition hall. If you are at such trade fairs, there are various standing tables with magazines and flyers. So I went to a table and wanted to take some information. So as I sit at this table, I see a magazine and open up a page.

The first thing I read is a tiny little contribution about a shamanic seminar which is to take place in 3 weeks in Suhl. … Oh man .. crass … I thought that was exactly what I was looking for.

This could not be a coincidence (if there is such a thing at all). So I then called the next week and signed up.

This seminar has changed my life forever, I was allowed to be my teacher

Guido and I was shown another puzzle piece on my trip.

If you also want to know how to walk this Shaman way, or perhaps just to know more about yourself, I invite you cordially.

Finally, you will find the certificate for my 1.5 year training as a Shamanian life consultant, which I got from Guido :-).

I know some definitely say why you need such a certificate, but for me it has a special value, and it also shows that I am no “charlatan”.

Yes, believe me, such things are also important nowadays:-).

Shamanic Certificate Karsten Raul Falco Wagner


Wishing you all the best

Karsten “Raul Falco” Wagner