I have something really special for you.

And it is really only effective for you personally.

It is a protective amulet with your personal protective color!


What is the personal protective color?

Your personal protective color is determined by your date of birth. The color is mixed by me personally, and then applied to the amulet.

Your protection color protects you against negative energies and overprints. It is to stabilize and harmonize you. This knowledge of the protective color comes from the spiritual doctrine of Dagara, and is taught by Ellie Hien.

What is the meaning of the amulet symbol ?

I wondered what a symbol would be, and I immediately came to the flower of life. It is probably the strongest symbol I know personally, since it connects us with the source. This source knows nothing but harmony and love, and that is precisely the flower of life.

If you want to learn more about the flower of life, look at my page on the flower of life: http://blumedeslebensbedeutung.com


From what kind of material is the amulet?

As a basis for the protection amulet, I have chosen wood because it is natural and a very nice and comfortable material to wear.


How can you wear the amulet?

There are several ways to wear the amulet. On one hand, you can attach it to a leather strap and carry around your neck like a pendant. Or you can wear it in the handbag or or purse with you in a small fabric bag. (Currently only available with leather strap)

I will also offer both if you want the amulet.

What is the size of the protective amulet?

Currently I have the following size in stock, 6 cm in diameter. If necessary, however, I can still make other sizes, and also use other materials. Until then I will use the already existing 6 cm amulets.

How long does it take until the amulet is made after placing the order?

Under normal conditions the protective amulet should be with you within 3 to 5 days after receipt of the order.

Here, I have for you a short video of how I make such a protective amulet:


What is the cost of the amulet?

The protection amulet will cost you 19,40 $. This is, in my view, quite fair, as it is handpainted, and thus takes some time in production.

If you are interested in a personal protection amulet, you can order it via the following link. You then go to my flower of life shop, there I offer it. You can pay with Paypal, purchase on account, credit card, etc.

I would be happy to make you a personal protection amulet.

Please write me an E-Mail to: contact@what-element-am-i.com if you want some.


Best regards

Karsten “Raul Falco”



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