What is protective color?

If you have already received some e-mails from me, you will already have read the protection color and the protection numbers.

If not, I’ll briefly explain what it’s all about, and how you can use these two things.

How to determine the protective color?

In order to be able to determine your protection color, you need your date of birth, and the corresponding elements in your personal elementalad.

If this is done, you can use the missing elements to determine the protection numbers according to a certain principle. The protective numbers are the most important, because this results in the protective color.

If you want to know more about this, I can recommend you my personal shamanic advice.

What is the difference between the protective numbers and the protective color?

The protective color is mixed from the protective numbers. So it has the same effect as the protection numbers, and supports you to ward off negative energies.

For which persons are the protective measures / protective color particularly important?

The protective numbers or the protective color should be used especially by persons with the numbers 2 and 5 together with the date of birth or 6 and 7. These two combinations stand on one hand for a self-destructive force, or depressively vulnerable people.

This is also the first thing I do during a shamanic consultation, the person should have one of the two combinations. I find the protection numbers, or recommend my protection amulet with the flower of life.

But also for all other people the protection numbers, or protective color are very helpful. It is not only a protection, but also includes all missing elements, so that a harmony is established.

For, as I have mentioned several times, all elements in your Shamanic elementary wheel are necessary to lead a harmonious life.

I hope this little post has helped you a bit, should you have any questions, write a comment, or a short e-mail to: contact@what-element-am-i.com

Here, you can find more about the protecting amulet

All the best

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